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March 2023

Viral Emergence Research Initiative (Verena)

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Today we present an ongoing project within the lab! The missive below goes into greater detail about the Verena (Viral Emergence Research Initiative) Biology Integration Institute, a collaboration between many scientists of many backgrounds intending to discover more about the science of the host-virus network. Led by Georgetown University, this initiative will involve affiliate faculty member Dr. Anna Fagre, as well as Greg working to greater explore the “interactions between bats and mosquitoes… whether bats can serve as a reservoir or amplification hosts for arboviruses in nature.” Dr. Susan VandeWoude, dean of CVMBS, will serve on the institute’s science policy advisory board.Anna is also working on a podcast through the initiative, which will aim to explore efforts by early-career scientists working on viruses. It’s multi-disciplinary approaches to science and public interaction, like these, that further both our understanding of the world around us as well as the goal of aiding public understanding into what exactly we do in these strange buildings called laboratories.

This article, via cvmbs.source from 2022, goes into more detail.